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Until recently, the term ‘cloud’ was used to describe a more scalable IT infrastructure and/or smarter data storage. Now and in the future, business leaders will refer to Cloud Computing as a complete shift of thinking and critical success factor across most areas of business. Most CEO’s are already jumping onboard the bandwagon insisting that their company transform more than 60% of their entire business into the Cloud. This buzzword will be used in almost every business optimisation meeting in 2015 and by 2016 it will commonly known amongst all people - not just business innovators.  

Critical business transformation decisions are not handled by the traditional IT department or technical resources. IT professionals definitely play a major part of cloud transformations, but they should be led by resources that have a history in business success and thus offer a level of business strategy derived from hands-on, deep business experience outside of IT. Conversely, cloud consultants with no IT experience who provide strategy also present concern.

Just to make it more complex, business decision makers need to understand that an IT professional is not the same as a 'digital' professional, as the term 'digital' encompasses the creation of innovative products, services and solutions that deliver marketing, productivity and game changing outcomes that shape business. Authentic, experienced digital professionals have built cloud solutions as part of their full service offering to their customers and have an understanding of why these products are created.

Consultants who have not built cloud platforms for clients cannot offer the same level of quality strategy as they have never had to deal with a real life 'cloud crisis' or drive processes that fix platform / SAAS problems in real-time. Therefore, an expert cloud advisor that can provide clear direction for cloud business strategy, sales, marketing, operations and management mixed with years of experience in delivering enterprise cloud platforms will emerge as one of the most powerful and influential people within an organisation. The fact is, these people are extremely rare and usually already own their own business or are unattainable. 

Soon, the Australian market will experience a short supply of quality cloud business strategists. This lays the foundation for a new and unique advisor that delivers both the strategy and the ability to solve problems should they arise.

Any 'cloud cowboy' who offers a strategy on how a business should operate critical business functions via cloud apps they cannot influence, change or control is a danger to the business community. Cloud consultants should possess the skills and resources to provide an instant 'work-around' and have the experience to handle complex situations should a solution not align with the a company’s business strategy.
Core Values
The speed in which cloud services evolve and change daily is staggering. Business customers are completely overwhelmed with information, conflicting opinions and fantastic product marketing. Put simply, they need quality advice from a non-bias brand they can trust, or they stand to make critical errors that may take years and hundreds of thousands to undo once implemented.   

The inescapable reality is that whilst millions of new Apps emerge daily, transforming any decent sized business into the cloud is too complex to be fully automated and requires some level of face-to-face expert consulting. This is why the biggest cloud brands are looking for retailers to sell their cloud services. 

Our core values of being local, approachable, transparent, independent and accountable via street level via face-to-face relationship building is unique. Just as Dick Smith offers this style of service to the electrical goods market, Cloud Gurus ensures customers will have access to the latest cloud solutions and can always chat in person with a local consultant rather than trying to implement cloud products purely online.

Relationship building and partnering with companies has immense value. Therefore we are the hybrid solution - a retail studio offering scalable online solutions. 


Serviced from Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

Serviced from Melbourne,
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Serviced from Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

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